Important setup instructions when using Direct IP drivers from Crestron, Savant & Control4

To keep the network port always online you must setup the Quick Start Timers on the TV. If this is not done “Wake on LAN” will need to be used to turn on the TV from standby (saves energy but adds 25 sec to startup from deep sleep) For simplicity it’s recommended to just configure the “Quick Start Timers” on the TV so the TV will turn on with a regular source selection and no special “Wake On LAN” is then needed.

The setting can be found by pressing “MENU” on the Bang & Olufsen remote and selecting Setup -> Power Saving -> Standby -> Quick Start Timers

Recommend setting would be:

  • TIMER 1:
    • 03:15 to 3:00
  • TIMER 2:
    • 00:00 to 00:00

In this way the device will go into sleep only for 15 minutes every day. And the risk of the customer wanting to power up the device in that timeframe is minimal. We do not recommend the device is configured so it will never go to deep sleep, as some routines are only run when in this deep sleep mode. Please ensure that all days of the week light up. You will have to scroll down to each of the days and enable them.

If you choose to let the TV go to deep sleep mode and use WOL for powering up, it has to be enabled in the TV.


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