Direct IP drivers

These drivers talk directly from the control system to the Bang & Olufsen Network Link products via TCP/IP.

These are the Network Link products on the market (Some are obsolete):

Bang & Olufsen TVs:
BeoVision Eclipse 55/65
BeoVision 14-40/55
BeoVision Horizon-40/48
BeoVision 11-40/46/55
BeoVision Avant-55/75/85
BeoPlay V1-32/40
BeoSystem 4

Bang & Olufsen Audio Systems:
BeoSound Moment
BeoSound 35
BeoSound Essence MKII
BeoSound Core
BeoSound Shape
BeoSound Edge
BeoSound 1
BeoSound 2
BeoLink Converter NL/ML
BeoPlay A9 MKII
BeoPlay A6
BeoPlay M5
BeoPlay M3

Please see under Tips & Tricks how to setup the products for use with these drivers.

NOTE: These drivers are for Bang & Olufsen AV product control only. They cannot be used to integrate with lighting control systems such as Lutron, KNX, Dynalite, Philips Hue etc.
For that purpose you will still need a BeoLiving Intelligence / BeoLink Gateway

We currently have direct IP drivers for these systems:

Crestron driver:

Download here

Control4 drivers:

Drivers are available in Composer SW, in the online driver database. Search for B&O and all models of BeoVision Avant, BeoVision 11, BeoSystem 4 and BeoPlay V1 will be available for download. Drivers can be added automatically with SDDP.

Savant profiles:

A Bang & Olufsen profile is now available on the Savant Dealer Portal and in the Racepoint software.

RTI driver:

Available through Stilus (Swiss RTI distributor). Please contact them through

Driver download:  RTI Driver

It works 30 minutes for free without a license. Afterwards you need to resolve a license.

This license costs non-recurring CHF 199.00 and can be paid in advance via Stilus.